SimmonsCooper Advocacy Development (SCAD)

SimmonsCooper Advocacy Development (SCAD)

The SimmonsCooper Advocacy Development (SCAD) initiative is the brainchild of The Vice President of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osinbajo which he designed while he was a Senior Partner at SimmonsCooper Partners. His goal was to nurture and develop the writing and advocacy skills of law school students and undergraduates.

SimmonsCooper Partners is committed to transforming society by stoking interest in current legal issues and developing the analytic, oral and reasoning skills of would be and young lawyers using the annual SimmonsCooper Advocacy Development Initiative as a tool.

This year, our problem scenario focuses on industrial and employment litigation. We believe that issues of citizens’ employment, labour rights and industrial laws are vital components for any democratic society. It is important that aspiring lawyers embrace their roles as advocates for the vulnerable in society and be their voice where injustice abides.

Law students across Nigeria submitted written briefs on the hypothetical dispute scenario and after a thorough vetting process; we have selected the top ten Briefs and invited the finalists to argue their positions orally before a panel of judges.

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SCAD 2016

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